About Ch’i Life Studio

                 Here at Ch’i Life Studio, we promote positive energies for KIDS and ADULTS of all ages by incorporating disciplined training with practical and fun applications, all in a comfortable and positive environment.

               We also make sure that all of our classes are comfortable in size, which ensures that our members receive the extra personal attention that is needed to develop properly and succeed!


              Now with over 6,000 children in our “Kung Fu Kid’s” programs around the world (Singapore, China, USA), Ch’i Life Studio is one of Asia’s leading fitness studios for the whole family!

             Ch’i Life Studio members enjoy the perfect balance of a lifestyle of health, harmony, and fun!!!

Robin Leong – Founder, Ch’i Life Studio

Robin Leong graduated in Speech Communications from the University of Washington and has never been far from film and entertainment since, having found success acting in film, television and stage productions for the past 20 years.

Robin began acting in the early 1990’s in Hong Kong with film credits that include “Yesteryou, Yesterme, Yesterday”, from acclaimed Hong Kong director Peter Chan and “5 Lonely Hearts” from award winning director Fruit Chan.

Robin first set foot in Singapore in 1997 and quickly became a household name with leading roles in the comedy “3 Rooms” and the drama “Triple Nine”. His starring roles in these English series prompted a move into the Chinese entertainment market in the year 2000 with his critically acclaimed role as a mute in “Knotty Liaisons”. His success continued in the Chinese market with another leading role in the top rated Martial Arts drama, “The Challenge” in 2001. A man of many talents, Robin also starred in the stage production of David Hare’s “The Blue Room”, where his debut stage performance was lauded as ‘hilarious and brilliant’ by critics. Robin’s passion for sports finally led him to Channel News Asia in 2003 where he excelled as a sports and lifestyle presenter.

During his acting and hosting career, Robin also became a successful entrepreneur, with numerous business ventures around the world. In 2002, Robin established Ch’i Life Studio in Singapore, which has now expanded into Shanghai, Beijing, and the USA with more than 5,000 members. In 2007, Robin also established the Ch’i Life Group, which specializes in the producing of live international performances, television and movie productions, as well as local and overseas investments.